Podcast: Is mobile marketing on the right dirt track?

I don’t know the answer to this. I don’t even know what ‘‘The future of the internet’ is, even though I was featured on a podcast by Antonio Edward about this week.

But I think he was trying to tease out what we practitioners of social media and Marcom think of the mobile device as it becomes the primary means of connecting, communicating and collaborating online.


This I do know.

  • There is far too much that tech companies and advocates of their tools take for granted. Many people are still in at the ground level when it comes to tagging, quick response codes, social media collaboration, and ‘location-aware social networking.’ What’s that? Exactly my point!
  • The iPhone and iPad are sucking up all the oxygen of publicity and discussion, so people on other operating systems haven’t begun to discover value in the ‘laptop replacement device’ in their pockets.

4 thoughts on “Podcast: Is mobile marketing on the right dirt track?

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    • Antonio

      So what do you think of Radio, from the point of view of a seasoned podcaster? Podcasting is definitely an exciting medium and format. Yet, radio is, oddly enough, a very progressive medium when you think of how it has the ‘conversation’ DNA built into it. For me doing radio AND podcasting defines what I advice –to think digital, act analog!

      Thanks for a great podcast!


      • Podcasting/Internet Radio and Over the air Radio are the same in my book. They can be recorded and played back, or it can be done live. Over the air radio will always be around for years to come because of the accessibility of the medium, whereas a computer will need a web site address. Though, both mediums are accessible over the Internet as well depending on the station.

        Over the air radio is traditional and are usually done by professionals who have that talent to do talk radio well. The Internet allows EVERYONE, non-professional to professional people to make movies, videos, distribute music, and podcast.

        You are right though, digital comes from analog, and in order to have digital, the analog is always on both ends, going in and coming out. Therefore, analog will never be replaced by digital, it is impossible.

        🙂 Thank you again for the interview.


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