Angelo Fernando

Computer and technology teacher at Benjamin Franklin High School in Arizona. Former communications strategist, consultant, business & technology writer, broadcaster and podcaster. Back in the day I was creative director at O&M advertising. More on my website.


Why HoiPolloi? 
When I began blogging, way back in May 2004, communication was being disrupted; media was under siege. I was convinced that the hoi polloi –Greek for that derisive term the masses– would rearrange our molecules, so to speak. Radical change is always driven by those on the edges. Johannes Gutenberg was not a printer, but a goldsmith. He printed the Bible, and disrupted how knowledge was shared. Steve Jobs didn’t have an engineering degree. You get the idea.

Hoipolloi Report’ is my sandbox. This is where I take notes of media and marketing shifts that empower –and are enlarged by– ‘people like us.’ Today we the hoi polloi certainly tell better stories. Noisy, funny, and unpredictable we speak our mind, we talk back. It’s also my journal, as blogs were intended to be.

My Book “Chat Republic, How Social Media Drives Us To Be Human 1.0 in a Web 2.0 World.”  (2013). It was inspired by topics I’ve written about in my tech columns for two magazines, one in Sri Lanka and the other in the US. I still write about technology, education, marketing, and media here on Medium.



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Education, Ed-Tech, Robotics, AI, Cybersecurity, Space Science, Integrated Marketing Communications, Digital Media, Content Creation, Citizen Journalism, PR, Social Media, Networking, SEO, Data Visualization, Mobile Communications, Podcasting, Gamification, Radio, Content Curation, Diplomacy, Wikis.