Juggling radio and webinars –a lesson in distraction

I had as a guest in the studio Bart Butler, an IABC member ho wanted to do a  story of my radio show. So it was really flattering to see what came of it –an article in EDIT EXPRESS, the online newsletter for members bt members.

Bart came at  good time. Bad really because this was a week during which I was sandwiching in one of my webinars and the show, among other things. So the point he picked up,(that  radio is non distracting medium) has been on my mind a lot. Here’s why: As we put on our hats as content creators, it could be very annoying to deal with the glue and tape (and that conduits and access points) of media distribution. I find this point being driven home by a book i am not reading, Cognitive Surplus, by Clay Shirky, who talks of the fragmentation of the concept of ‘media’ today. It used to be a word that bundled process, product and  output. But I digress.

Here is his article: Social Media Guru Goes Retro…with Radio

I like to add one thing, Bart: The only reason we seem ‘relaxed’ on radio is that conversations are relaxing. Whether they happen on-air, online or offline. The moment you remove the talk-back button, that’s when sweat breaks out for me!

OK, two things. Please don’t use the word guru!

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