Webinar on LinkedIn tomorrow

If you are new to the webinar series –and I know some of you will be based on the requests from companies — here is a preview of what we will be talking about in the webinar on LinkedIn tomorrow. I say tomorrow, because it will be the night of August 16th for me in the US, even though it will be the morning of the 17th in Sri Lanka!

LinkedIn is a ‘gated community’ and is much smaller than, say, Facebook. But it is also a super professional network that lets you build networks within the network. You develop solid connections and have richer conversations within this ‘closed’ (which is also a ‘private’) environment.

Here is my short take on LinkedIn: I think of LinkedIn as a knowledge–sharing portal, rather than a friend hang-out. It lets you ‘communicate to the niches’ rather than waste your resources on mass communication tactics.

Here is my co-presenter, Derrick Mains on the subject.

Some of you may recall that I featured Derrick in a guest spot during a previous webinar. Steve England will also join us as usual, with his amazing ideas on how mobile devices are powering social networks.

Here’s the format of the webinar:

  • 1st 10 minutes: introduction and review of what we have done so far in our series on “Passport To Digital Citizenship.”
  • 20 minutes: The key features of LinkedIn and how LinkedIn differs from Facebook. We will show you some strategies and a case study of how to do ‘business’ with individuals across organizations.
  • Break

After the break:

  • Hands-on session
  • Questions Time

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