Webinar on LinkedIn tomorrow

If you are new to the webinar series –and I know some of you will be based on the requests from companies — here is a preview of what we will be talking about in the webinar on LinkedIn tomorrow. I say tomorrow, because it will be the night of August 16th for me in the US, even though it will be the morning of the 17th in Sri Lanka!

LinkedIn is a ‘gated community’ and is much smaller than, say, Facebook. But it is also a super professional network that lets you build networks within the network. You develop solid connections and have richer conversations within this ‘closed’ (which is also a ‘private’) environment.

Here is my short take on LinkedIn: I think of LinkedIn as a knowledge–sharing portal, rather than a friend hang-out. It lets you ‘communicate to the niches’ rather than waste your resources on mass communication tactics.

Here is my co-presenter, Derrick Mains on the subject.

Some of you may recall that I featured Derrick in a guest spot during a previous webinar. Steve England will also join us as usual, with his amazing ideas on how mobile devices are powering social networks.

Here’s the format of the webinar:

  • 1st 10 minutes: introduction and review of what we have done so far in our series on “Passport To Digital Citizenship.”
  • 20 minutes: The key features of LinkedIn and how LinkedIn differs from Facebook. We will show you some strategies and a case study of how to do ‘business’ with individuals across organizations.
  • Break

After the break:

  • Hands-on session
  • Questions Time

Twinterview with Steve England

SteveEnglandStarting at 10 am today, I wil be interviewing Steve England, of NewMediaMarketing.

Steve’s got an interesing background in marketing, and I like to think of him as one of the smartest cross-over marketers in the Valley. What’s a ‘cross-over’ marketer?

I’ll let him explain when we get started.

I’ll let you into something else. I plan to get Steve to demo how easy it is to implement a Quick Response tag in your marketing. Be prepared to use your smart-phone!

Note: I will live-blog the interview here.


AF: Welcome Steve England @englandsc Glad you were able to make it. Let’s try to keep this moving fast since we’ve got a lot to discuss.

SE: Thanks for the opportunity @heyangelo

AF: @englandsc Tell us about how you got into digital marketing, having started out as a Print guy — in the ‘dead tree communications’ business

SE: englandsc I was always about technology and how I could impact consumers more effectively through communications. Print was just a pathway at the time.

SE: My degree is in Visual Communications…social and mobile fall into that channel.

SE: @englandsc Visual Communications?  Most people think of it as putting ink on paper.  You’ve moved past that. Is paper obsolete? Or…

SE: @heyangelo We can make better use of paper by integrating with newer technologies at the same time.

AF: @englandsc Tell us about NewMediaMarketing and the awesome product – Quick Response Tags. People’s eyes glaze when I mention this.

SE: @heyangelo New Media Marketing is an Integrated Marketing agency specializing in channel optimization and focused on growing Mobile opps

SE: @heyangelo Quick Response Tags “QR Codes” are the answer bringing print to life simply by taking a snapshot of them with your Mobile Camera

AF: @englandsc I will have to ask you to explain ‘Channel optimization’ with a for instance –but I have a quick question before that

AF: @englandsc Steve, is this a good example of how a tag could be used? Sans paper most of the time… http://bit.ly/4Cmuvh

SE: @heyangelo Great example, any form of visual communications can benefit from the QR Codes with unlimited possibilities as the result.

SE: @heyangelo QR Codes allow a Marketer to deliver unlimited amounts of information to anyone through the simple SNAP-A-TAG interface

AF: @englandsc And where could someone find out more about a Snap-a-tag interface ?

SE: @heyangelo New groups form online daily in support of the tech. Feel free to follow me here for all breaking news. Also follow MicrosoftTAG

SE: @heyangelo QR Codes, TAGS will play an important role in Green Initiatives going forward through print, online and Mobile communications

AF: @englandsc Did you see today’s story about  the NFL going paperless with tickets? Have the Coyotes heard about QR tags? http://bit.ly/obTKI

NMM: RT @heyangelo @englandsc Steve, is this a good example of how a tag could be used? Sans paper most of the time… http://bit.ly/4Cmuvh

SE: @heyangelo Most important factor when using QR Codes is the consumer experience and the message or call-to-action in the marketing piece

SE: @heyangelo successful marketing is also dependent on unified message within multiple communication channels and convenience to the consumer

AF: @englandsc Let me ask you to demo a tag. Could you point to one, and explain –stepwise –how it works?

SE: @heyangelo on your mobile device go to Http://snapatag.mobi this will walk you thru quick one-time install so you can snap Microsoft TAGs

AF: @englandsc So it’s a download for Blackberry, iPhone or Windows  Mobile. And then?

SE: @heyangelo Once you have the app installed you can scan and activate the content behind any TAG. Also see http://www.beetagg.com as another version

SE: @heyangelo You can find TAG on my Twitter home, my email signature, any of my communication collateral, each results in a unique experience

AF: @englandsc I can see these QR tags on business cards, train stations and cereal boxes. Simplified, mobile pull marketing, finally!

SE: We have examples of video content, Phone numbers, Vcards, microsites, game pieces, surveys, location based maps…it’s endless.

SE: @heyangelo 80% of web-enabled phones can use some version of the QR Codes. More phones are shipped direct from the factory pre-installed.

SE: @heyangelo once you have the app, launch, activates your camera, position over any TAG, SNAP and you’re taken to unlimited possibilities.

AF: So a customer snaps a tag, using a camera, will it directly connect him/her to digital content?

SE: anywhere a user has web connectivity they’ll have access to content linked to that TAG. That content can be changed anytime.

AF: Is Beetag a competitor to Microsoft’s tag?

SE: BeeTagg has a less distinct appearence in their QR Codes than MicrosoftTAG but they result in the same type of experience.

SE: @heyangelo visit our website and discover how the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB will all be influenced by this technology, SNAP our TAG and see how.

AF: @englandsc Apart from sports, is anyone in the sustainability  space aware of the this new form of marketing?

SE: Thanks for the opportunity to share our thoughts on how we’ll all be communicating much sooner than expected. Watch for TAGS!

AF: Great chatting, Steve! I always learn so much from you. Where can someone find one of your demos?

SE: Checkout www.Greennurture.com they have implementation launching. Using QR Codes is a Global inititive with our full support.

SE: Demos are updated frequently on our website. you can also follow @Newmediamarket or find us on LinkedIn for SlideShare content.

AF: I still like to have a T-shirt with a customized tag! http://bit.ly/4Cmuvh Maybe we should wear some to @podcampaz