Fragmented Vs integrated? How do you share content?

Fragmented or integrated?

It’s easy to pick the latter, because it sounds like the right thing to do. Depending on what you are trying to achieve it’s not that easy though. Here are two scenarios:

Scenario A: You are launching a new service that is relevant to 30 percent of your audience. You’ve got the usual suspects –um, channels — in place with Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, a blog and two Twitter accounts. Do you make spread your content across all of these?

Scenario B: You a teaching a class, and most of the attendees use Facebook rather than email, but you also have a series of video updates. Do you stick with Facebook, or add a blog to the program which will feed Facebook embed YouTube videos?

I don’t want to say I know the best answer. (It may take a bit of digging deeper into the usage patterns of the audience etc.) But I often lean heavily on closing the gap between communication channels. It takes some planning ahead, but you only have to connect the dots once, and thereafter, it’s easy to pick and chose the channels you like to integrate.

I pointed this out toward the end of the webinar I was conducting last Monday. To demonstrate it…

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2 thoughts on “Fragmented Vs integrated? How do you share content?

  1. Like the concept.

    I have to say that whether I purposely attempt to either fragment or integrate my content …even before I create it…seems to choose to either fragment or integrate itself. How…I have no idea.

    Use of accelerators has enhanced views of my content(Stumble Upon, Digg,Delicious,Twitter,Blog,Facebook…etc.) but I lean towards the metaphysical philosophy that we cannot truly predict our audience no matter the statistics( I’m preparing to write on how statistics are not necessarily valueable to the freelancer or entreprenuer or else either would eventually be undone by statistics inevitably) therefore we must only control the elements of our content and let the audience congregate itself.

    One thing I have recently begun doing is utilizing the translate options to broaden my potential audience internationally.
    I am still a bit feeble in this area but tenacious enough to make it finally work for me.

    Thank you.


    • Thanks for the thoughts. I never thought of them as ‘accelerators’ (distribution accelerators?) but its a great description.

      As for the unpredictability of the audience, totally agree. We can target, but there is a big unknown factor at play. You stumbling on this post, for example. How did you find it? What made you want to comment?


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