Quotes for the week, ending 25 Sept 2009

“Lots of traffic, lots of talking, lots of everything. But listening to each other…”

Title card in YouTube video aimed at the leaders attending the UN General Assembly in New York this week. The video-as-open letter was by RelaxZen, a mood-altering drink –that was shipped to every world leader.

“We’ve also re-engaged the United Nations. We have paid our bills….”

Barack Obama, in his address to the United Nations General Assembly, on the commitment of the US to change.

“You are only as relevant as their problem, and your pitch has to be empathetic of their situation.”

Nathan Wagner, Relevant Chews,on selling

“But of course we’re meeting all the time. We’re both involved in all the main meetings and talk all the time.”

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, responding to claim that Number 10 was snubbed by the White House, with regard to a personal meeting between the two heads of state.

“LookingGlass automatically rates each posting as positive or negative, so the Zune HD team could rank comments according to sentiment and see how customers are responding to the product and the campaign to sell it.”

Microsoft statement about its new image management tool that lets companies monitor, analyze and engage in social media, via its Silverlight technology

“These Squidoo lenses are for sale.”

Ike Pigott, at Media Bullseye, on Seth Godin’s rebranding Squidoo as a social engine that aggregates online chatter about a brand or company.  Pigott also calls this a sinister act of piracy! Squidoo already has “900,000 hand built lenses.”


Soundtrack from the Bollywood movie, Blue, featuring Kylie Minogue and Oscar-winning composer, A.R. Rahman –he of of Slumdog Millionaire.

3 thoughts on “Quotes for the week, ending 25 Sept 2009

  1. Hey Ike,
    I saw you clicked on my site. I’m in the Philippines, thousands of miles away from New York where I presume you are. what made you click on m site? Do you have any particular interest in the Philippines? Was it just that CNN and the other networks had reported about the Typhoon devastation out here? anyway, if you want to learn more about the Philippines and its people, you are welcome to contact me. if you are inclined to follow our relatively small stock market, feel free to ask me anything on http://guscosio.wordpress.com.

    God bless you,
    Gus Cosio


  2. No problem, Gus.

    You actually “flagged” my attention by quoting me and linking to the piece I wrote for Media Bullseye about Seth Godin.

    I am not in New York, but live and work in Birmingham, Alabama. I am a communicator first, and just pay attention to economics as a hobby.


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