Students’ G-20 project gives hope

For all those who equate young people and the Me-Generation, with limited interests, take a look at Voices of 21.

It’s a project by students of the University of Pittsburgh, and it’s named for a god reason -to add a 21st ‘voice’ to the 20 global voices at G-20 summit going on in their neck of the woods. It’s goal is

to inspire a more inclusive and constructive dialogue on global economic stability that will resonate with the Pittsburgh community and beyond.

This analysys of the protests, for instance is enlightening. A rather long post, it is written by fourth-year student majoring in Law and Global Political Economy, Eli Baumwell.  I don’t mind the length, and will probably use it as an example of those who complain that wonder if this generation is all about short form content and  Facebook-y status updates!

Thanks to Danny Stoian, at the Department of State, for pointing this site out.

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