Quotes for ther week, ending 12 Sept 2009

“Stories are a terrible way to store information.”

Zach Echola,  a founding member of Wired Journalists, on the role of journalism in providing context. Howard Owens and Ryan Sholin were the other two founders of Wired Journalists, an amazing resource!

“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold. Facebook, the online social grid, could not command loyalty forever.”

Opening line in an article in the NYT on people quitting Facebook.

“we now tweet and friend and tag. But that’s not all—we also listen.”

Colleen Ringer, Comms Manager, blogging about Downtown Phoenix Partnership’s new web site that launched this week. The site has bloggers and several social media options to help users find useful information and build a community.

“Probably not.”

Jim Nail, chief marketing and strategy officer of TNS Cymfony, on whether brands should respond to criticism via social media. The quote was in a  story about a false story about P&G’s Always circulating via social media.

“don’t worry we won’t tell your followers!”

TwittDir, yet another ‘let us help you get famous on Twitter’ type appliications that asks you to add your name in a directory chock full of models, sexed-up people.

“If you were expecting an Apple jetpack or an Apple hovercraft, or even an Apple tablet, you didn’t get that.”

Michael Gartenberg, a technology analyst on Steve Jobs reapparance at Apple’s launch of the iPod Nano.

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