Why shout, when you could communicate?

Friend_TrafalgarSquareA few months ago I blogged about a street vendor (left)  in Trafalgar Square, and some interesting things he told me about ‘making a statement.’

I expanded that idea into an article that appeared in the latest issue of Communication World. For those of you who are not IABC members, here is a link to the PDF.

I wrestled between  givinng this article the headline”Stop shouting and I will pay attention!” and “Silent Messages in an Over-communicated World.” The editors settled for “Picture This!

Let me know what you think of the article.

One thought on “Why shout, when you could communicate?

  1. This article really hit home with me. You painted the typical PR response perfectly. Then you made me take a step back with your example of how to slow down and just connect.

    Is there a chance of getting you to export this story to Las Vegas for a presentation in front of IABC Las Vegas?


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