Goodbye, ASU. Hello Public Radius!

Today is my last day at ASU’s Decision Theater. Taking some time off to pursue some very exciting opportunities that have come up.

PublicRadius_logoThis includes starting out my own consulting practice, Public Radius that is in soft launch mode.

Public Radius is all about helping organizations resize their  circle of influence. Individuals and organiztions have a defined radius. But defined does not have to be fixed.

Can we bridge the gaps between physical and digital networks? Certainly! Some of us do it unconsciously. Some of us do it strategically.

Generating ‘dotted lines’ between these circles of influence is what Public Radius is all about. You will hear more about this shortly!

7 thoughts on “Goodbye, ASU. Hello Public Radius!

  1. All the best on your new endeavor. We did have some kind of fun at good ole DT, but it wasn’t like we couldn’t see this coming. Drop me an e-mail sometime! I’ve been filling up all my free time helping out startups & small businesses negotiate the pitfalls of technology. Great blog…just don’t ask me how I found this website!


  2. Good luck, buddy. I appreciate so much the help and advice you have provided me and my staff over the past few years. While have nowhere near the expertise you have, we are moving forward with blogs, tweets and more. Without your time and generous support, we’d still be mailing news releases…Good luck, Angelo!


  3. Angelo,
    Thanks for all you did for our team at West campus. It was great working with you… you’re a genius!!! I’m sure you’ll be successful as you move forward. Keep in touch and let us know what you’re up to, and we’ll do the same… especially if we need a social media guru.


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