Quotes of the week ending 11 July, 2009

“It’s very important that my anger, my cold anger about the way our staff have been treated … doesn’t turn into a rhetorical volley to the Iranian regime, because that doesn’t do anything for our people or for reform in Iran.”

Britain’s foreign secretary, David Milliband, on  the release of one of its embassy staffers in Tehran.One other staffer remains in custody.

“The station wanted to do slushy, beautiful music and I quit.”

Leo LaPorte, about how his podcasting career took off late, being interviewed by his daughter, Abby who started her own podcast, Abbey’s Road.

“The falling cost of hand-held video cameras gave birth to a generation of pornographers with little interest in drama beyond a clichéd plot involving a pizza delivery boy.”

Paul Fishbein, president of the AVN Media Network, an industry trade publication.

“It is dangerous to film around Han Chinese if you have blonde (sic) hair and white skin. They get angry.”

Melissa Chan, an Al Jazeera reporter from XinJiang, via Twitter, after ethnic rioting broke out on in Urumqi, China between the Uighur minority and Han Chinese.

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