If Henninger can do it, so can Montini

I love Don Henninger’s column in the Phoenix Business Journal. He comes across as the neighbor you always bump into when you mow your lawn –and happily gets in the way of that awful chore.

A few weeks back, when he wrote about ‘Seeing a Tweetie bird‘ I knew this was the moment I was expecting. “I’m a Twit” he opened with, admitting he was late in arriving, but inviting us to interact –minus the what-we-have-for-breakfast stuff. (Find him here on Twitter.)

E.J. Montini, another wonderful writer here in the Valley is right now going through a similar process. In last week’s Republic he’s all Facebooky but not all atwitter, he says.  Montini already maintains a blog. My guess is that it won’t be long before he’s carving out 140-character column-like posts. Any bets?

I’ve seen news people I would least expect take on parts of social networking and blogging that must have gone against the grain of what they were taught at J-school.

You can do it Montini!

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