Bette Publicker’s first blog post lands a newspaper story!

Last Monday, when I conducted a workshop for the Scottsdale Job Network, I used Better Publicker as a test case. The idea was to show that, given the right things in place –passion, goals and a decent internet connection — anyone could start a blog in 15 minutes.

This group was special –largely baby boomers. A lot of them are quite confused and skeptical about what a blog can do. Just like me, five years ago. Bette asked the usual questions, signed up at and while the class was in session, had a blog. Take a look at it today. Just 10 days after the event.

The best part was, Bette was featured in an article about how boomers are taking to blogging -see today’s Arizona Republic. The first paragraph that she typed in, from the podium, was the lead quote in the article by Chad Graham. How often does that happen to a blogger?

She writes well:

Now that I am looking for new job and business opportunities ‘social networking skills’ seem to be as necessary as a resume, business cards and gumption. In every networking event I am asked about websites, Inkedin, and my Facebook. Now perhaps my eyes won’t glaze over and I won’t have to fake cough an answer.

When I spoke to Bette today she was still fixing things. I know how infuriating the first few days of trying out anything can be. But once you get past that, the care and feeding of your blog becomes routine.

Thanks to Chad Graham, who was in the audience, for the great story. Check out his blog, too at

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