Tracking the first 100 days – everyone wants to do it!

The first 100 days is now a yardstick of performance, especially so for the new Obama administration. Of course the media is following it diligently.

Yesterday colleges turned up the heat, to communicate the complexity of what the world is up against with global warming and climate change, and what the president needs to do in his first 100 days.  ASU participated as well in the national teach-in.  (The webcast is here)

Butothers are using social media to record and comment on –even crowd-source– the first 100 days. Here are a few:

ObamaCTO: Tehcnolgy folks keeping tabs on Mr. Obama

WhiteHouse2 – an alternative ‘house’ run by citizens!

First100Days Blog – you’ll never gues who’s blogging the first 100 days! Anderson Cooper? guess again! The GOP? Nah! It’s the State Department.

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