Quotes for the week ending 7 February, 2009

“If people have ideas about how better to use these tools, please let me know…”

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton at a town hall meeting with state employees on the need to use new technologies to communicate with people across the world.

“Dear Orlando Hilton: Your coffee is tasty, but $4.50 4 a bottle of water?”

Tweet from IABC’s Leadership Institute event in Florida, an event covered by many IABC tweeps.

“We have many measures in place to reduce the likelihood of your posts being seen as SPAM, but instead look much more natural and real.”

The latest attempt to automate twitter, and let marketers target people with ‘pre-defined messages’ to followers. If it smells like SPAM….


Britain’s Tory party, opposing the government’s use of Big Brother-type use of millions of closed circuit cameras and a DNA database for surveillance.

“I engaged in behaviour which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment.”

Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps, apologizing after a British newspaper published a picture of him smoking marijuana.

“It says it’s sunny in Arizona!”

Child in video for GE about the ‘smart grid’ that has a companion web site with some clever animation about alternative energy.

“From icy Davos to snowy London. No10 admin is gazing at a foot of the stuff outside his apartment window. Thank heavens for remote working!”

Tweet by Number 10, Downing Street, suggesting Gordon may have been telecommuting, too while London froze.

“Obama summoned a conga line of Anderson, Katie, Brian, Chris and Charlie…”

Syndicated columnist Maureen Dowd on President Obama’s use of the media to get past the Tom Daschle faux pas

“bad script, lame sets, and horrific acting.”

Blabbermouth‘s Jeff Goodman on the success of GoDaddy Super Bowl ads that use misogyny and a risqué script to drive viewers to the ‘store.’

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