The risk of blogging will only increase

Journalists-turned-bloggers know the risks involved, because they understand the laws of libel and defamation. But there is a wide range of risks involved when it comes to political blogs –from simply getting beaten up, to being on a black list, to a frivolous lawsuit.

I came across two this week — a week that has seen live blogging from the congressional hearings of Bernie Madoff–  that speaks to this risky business.

Last year, we saw a spate of attacks on bloggers aross the world. Iran, China, and whenever one group finds itself under the scrutiny of bloggers. What’s next? Lawsuits filed against Twitter users? Going after people filing video iReports?

Those who cannot easily threaten and muzzle traditional media suddenly find it much easier to bully someone –usually it is an individual, not a syndicated blog — engaged in social media . The laws will have to adapt fast as the lines between old and new media blur.

One thought on “The risk of blogging will only increase

  1. We can’t please everyone. If we can’t take the heat, we shouldn’t play the game (blog).

    I also believe there are too many people out there with too much free time. Suing takes lots of time (and perhaps greed — make easy money at the expense of ruining people’s lives).

    All in all, I love the blogosphere — meeting and exchanging thoughts with like-minded folks. I’m glad I found your site!

    Thanks for your thoughts!


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