Bubble comment lets reader talk back. Scary! Fun!

12 Dec

Have you heard of Bubble Comment? It sounded pretty cheesy at first until I clicked on a link someone had left on this article in Advertising Age.

Some background: Ken Wheaton, who writes a fabulous Adverting Age column, AdAges, wrote a piece poking fun of the whole Web 2.0 thing. Granted Wheaton was merely being funny, (“Web 2.0 Cured My Cancer and Made Me Taller — and Rich!”) but some didn’t get the joke. He also raised a lot of hackles by ending with some hard facts woven into the parody:

“You naysayers can laugh all you want. You’re just troglodytes caught up in old-word illusions like “ROI” and “profit” and “sales.” You probably scoffed at pioneering technologies such as Betamax, CueCat and Friendster, too, didn’t you? You talk trash about Web 2.0 and we’ll use the power of social media to bankrupt you just like we did Pepsi and Motrin”

So the responses have been a mix of furious and this-guy- is-surely-nuts. But the whole point of this is to highlight what one commenter did, rather than said.

Turn up your speaker volume, click on this link, wait a few seconds and you’ll see. I won’t give it away, except say that it takes speech bubbles to a dare-I-say 2.0 dimension.


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