Quotes for the week ending 13 December, 2008

13 Dec

“sliding down Hell-in-Handbasket Ln.

AdRants about Virgin Mobile, commenting on the offensive/kinky video featuring an intoxicated Mrs. Claus.

“Goodbye, eyeballs—hello, conversations”

Article at featuring Katie Paine’s six steps in social media, where she advises against going for the nebulous value of media, and focusing on that which is measurable.

“This Wasn’t Quite the Change We Envisioned.”

Headline of Op-Ed by Barack Obama, quoted in Politico, which notes the rising dissatisfaction of Liberals with Obama’s centrist policies.

“There are still opportunities to defuse this.”

Duncan Clark, on the  Chinese government’s plan requiring foreign computer firms to submit security technology -which includes data encryption secrets –for government approval.

“…to bring the joy and the interest of our Islamic art to an Australian audience.”

Artist Phillip George, on his line of 30 Inshallah surfboards featuring Islamic art on display a beach in Sydney.

“When it comes to gaining consumer confidence, company blogs are the used car salesmen of the media world.”

Mark Walsh, on the news from a Forrester Research report that only 16 percent of people trust corporate blogs.

“You naysayers can laugh all you want. You’re just troglodytes caught up in old-word illusions like “ROI” and “profit” and “sales.” You probably scoffed at pioneering technologies such as Betamax, CueCat and Friendster, too, didn’t you? You talk trash about Web 2.0 and we’ll use the power of social media to bankrupt you just like we did Pepsi and Motrin”

AdAge columnist, Ken Wheaton, making fun of the Web 2.0 cheerleaders.

“Old World Perspectives on New Technology Is What Ails You.”

Response to the article above, by reader Rodney Mason.


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