Blogging and micro-blogging, joined at digital hip

I can’t stress enough how easy it is to connect the dots between your communication channels using digital media, if you plan ahead to do so.

Passport To Digital Citizenship
To “Tweet or Not To Tweet?”  |  2nd Webinar in the 6-part series on Social Media

I pointed this out toward the end of the webinar on Monday (it was Sunday night here in Arizona) as Steve England, Gary Campbell and I were presenting at the second webinar on social media.

While Steve was presenting I took this photo of one of our screens (the one bringing in a Skype video feed from the venue in Colombo). Here’s what I did:

Notice the attendees who had logged in –visible on the bottom left of this photo. Also, on the right is Tweetdeck, through which we were monitoring the hash tag #USELK2010 that we were using for the event.

Cross-posting this from the webinar blog.

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