Quotes for the week ending 14 Nov, 2009

“Yes, it’s important to change the light bulbs and windows, but it’s even more important to change the laws and the policies,”

Al Gore, in Phoenix, keynoting the GreenBuild conference

“When put together, we have the tools and technologies to solve three or four climate crises … But the missing element is political will.”

Al Gore in Cambridge Mass, at a book signing of Our Choice.

“Who wouldn’t buy a pair of socks for the Mount Olympus of commercial exposure?

Mitch Albom, on American Eagle’s promotion that lets a customer enjoy the his or her 15 seconds of fame on a billboard in Times Square, — the ‘famous airspace that once featured a giant winking penguin…’

“And the fun won’t end Nov. 27 …”

Story in the Associated Press about how shoppers would  the  checking social media sites for Black Friday specials

“Facebook is for brands – the careful ones”

Headline of a great post by Neville Hobson, commenting on research about using Facebook, about the need to not act like marketers!

“It’s a hole in your heart, just like 9/11.”

Spc. Chris Monge, on the tribute to 13 soldiers killed at Fort Hood, Texas

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