Twinterview on Friday with IABC Phoenix president

One more in this Twitter interview series. (Following Johna Burke, Nina Miller, and Mitch Joel)

Indeed an interview on Twitter can be looked at as too compressed or a fascinating use of a real-time tool, especially since it is tied to a micro- social network. It poses some challenges, not so different from those I run into using VOIP (Skype) or a cell phone.  In the process, the ‘twinterview’ teaches us other things as well. How to hyperlink responses, cross-post to a blog, and use a back-channel or direct messaging feature.

Friday’s guest, Jessica Hansen will be interesting. She was deep into social media when she was laid off, and has been using face-to-face and online networks to bounce back. Jessica is also taking over as pres of a chapter that has been consistently doing great things for communicators here in the Valley. Can we fit all this into a compressed micro-blogging format? Let’s see!

Who: Jessica Hansen, president IABC/Phoenix

When: 9.00 am (mountain/Pacific)

Where: Here at this blog

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