The road becomes a canvas, with Chalkbot

A few days ago, someone asked me for an example of how to use social networking or blogging tool in a really different way. I had a couple of personal examples. I wish I had seen this.

  • Not just a short message, but a digital-to-chalk application of micro-blogging.
  • Not updates about ‘what I had for breakfast,’ but why I support your cause.
  • Not yet another cancer ribbon, but a ground-up message supporting Livestrong

This is a really fascinating example of how people send a message to others, using a ‘platform’ we take so much for granted –the road.

I found it via the Nike Tour de France microsite, where people can upload messages that get printed on the road via a bot. They send their message via …. you guessed it, Twitter.

How does it work? The device uses a 48 nozzles-spray to write with emulsified chalk on the street. If you like to participate, send a message to the Chalkbot Twitter account.

Check some messages, here.

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