Twinterview with Mitch Joel live, now

Today I am conducting a Twinterview –Twitter Interview– with marketing guru, podcaster, and now author af an upcoming book, Six Pixels of Separation.

@mitchjoel Good afternoon, Mitch. I’ve been a  longtime listener of Six Pixels of Separation. When did the idea of the book come up –and how?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo book idea came together about two years ago. I wanted to connect the non-connected business to our world (using their words)

@mitchjoel Explain ‘six pixels’ to someone who doesn’t get Small World theory. Do u have a Twit-friendly answer?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo we used to “know someone who knew someone” now – with these digital channels – we are all connected. No degrees. Only pixels.

@mitchjoel Let’s move to your marketing practice,. Are there clients who listen to your podcast & still shake their heads at social media?

Mitch Joel @heyangelo I think clients are much more savvy than some marketers give them credit for. They get it and they want more of it.

@mitchjoel Because of the Tweetdeck delay I want to go back to your point about Pixels not Degrees. Pixels as in links?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo no pixels as in: we’re connected. If you do a search on Google for anyone, you are connected. No need for an intro through others

@mitchjoel Tell us a bit about the book –Use as many tweets for this to tell us (a) what gap does it fill (b) who is your audience?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo gap: a business book in business talk for business people about connecting to consumers.

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo audience = every person you and I have to “convince” that using these channels is good/smart for business.

@mitchjoel Ah! So you mean we could secretly mail the book to someone in the C-suite? Would you have a podio-book of this as well?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo no need to be secretive about mailing the book My hopes are that those reading this know who to give it to and they’ll be happy

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo audio versions will be available. I have to say, recording the audio was hard… they wanted it perfect 🙂

@mitchjoel Tell our readers why you were summoned (too strong a word?) to Google to explain social media. What did THEY need to know?

Mitch Joel: mitchjoel@heyangelo Google holds events – internally and public ones for clients. I’ve been asked to give presentations there. It’s an honor.

@mitchjoel Regarding the audiobook, do you have rights to do whatever you wish with it in your podcast?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo I do not. The audiobook is the property of my book publisher: Grand Central – Hachette Book Group.

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo I do not have those rights. I’m sure my Publisher would be open to suggestions though 😉

@mitchjoel Are you under pressure to market the book using the digital strategies you recommend?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo I would not say it is “pressure”. Again, I want the book to hit the businesspeople who are not following Twitter and Blogs.

@mitchjoel You’ve got another large digital footprint on Facebook – 1,681 members. What excites that community?

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo funny, I thought it was more like 3,660 😉 The conversation is def. different. Not sure why, but it’s just different.

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo it’s all the same to me. Give first, build the community and be helpful. Everything else works out.

@mitchjoel What have you learned as a podcaster and blogger, that you didn’t know as just a marketer?

Awaiting answer: Tweetdeck delay

@mitchjoel Thanks for your time, Mitch. + patience with Tweetdeck delays etc. I’m looking fwd to the book. Preorder!

Mitch Joel: @heyangelo thanks for the Twinterview… that was fun. Next time, let’s just use two cans and a string 😉

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