Social media’s unpaved road: directions ahead

So you’re tooling along at 75 mph on from  a 5-lane freeway  when you’re suddenly directed to a  dirt road marked Social Media.

Vehicles from  Marketing, PR, Customer Service, BizDev and Media Relations are pouring in, each demanding right of way. That’s what it feels like to many people who thought they were in the driving seat. The unpaved surface has become the new normal in a business world fast adapting to the new rules. At least that’s the feeling I get when I talk to marketers, communicators and entrepreneurs.

An upcoming event in Phoenix, Social Media for Business will address some of these challenges. A group of experts who will talk about policies and processes, the tool and the techniques.

What I like about this conference is that –in the spirit of the social media upheaval — it’s a hybrid event between a formal conference, and an un-conference. Meaning the first part will be presentations, and the latter part of the day will let attendees to drive the agenda.


  • Al Maag – Chief Communications Officer, Avnet, Inc.
  • Ed Brice – VP Marketing & SM Expert Lumension, Inc.
  • Pamela Slim – Coach, Author, Marketing Expert
  • Evo Terra – Digital Business Strategist
  • Jeff Moriarty – SM Expert (Intel), Sitewire
  • Elizabeth Hannan – SEM Architect, Pragmatic Marketing
  • Jason Baer – SM Strategist, President of Convince & Convert
  • Tim Baggs – SM Expert, Microsoft Corporation
  • Brent Spore – SM Expert, Podcamp AZ
  • Mike Corak – SM Expert, Director Off Madison Avenue
  • Chris Hewitt – SM & Marketing, Sr. Director Lumension

When: Thursday Aug 20. 8.30 am – 4 pm

Important: Ticket Sponsorship is available!

Check it out!

Details here

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One thought on “Social media’s unpaved road: directions ahead

  1. Great metaphor for Social Media marketing, but it’s really not as complicated as some would try and make it.

    Put the words ‘Social’ and ‘Media’ together and it is a conversation with your customers online… period. What makes it hard for companies is breaking their inherently bad habit of just talking at their customers.

    Use social media to connect with people that LOVE your brand (or hate your brand) and create a relationship with them. Why? Because love is free, authentic and recession proof – and people will share it. It is the opposite of traditional marketing, which is expensive and has an agenda.

    This is the secret sauce to a social media marketing strategy. The rest is specific to your business.


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