Texting while driving game, scary. But does it really prove a point?

I saw this game featured at The New York Times, where you are moving fact on a multi-lane freeway and have to respond fast to numbers indicting you need to change lanes. On the side is a cell phone with a canned message.

The goal is to send a message and also change lanes fast.

While it obviously proves a point –that no amount of multi-tasking skills can help you avoid making mistakes– the game is too simplistic. There are much more stimuli coming at you on the road, apart from the crazy drivers out there. I don’t know anyone who will try to claim that texting and driving is OK. (Except, of course there are people like this.) The AAA has stats that say someone doing it increases chances of an accident by 50 percent.  So I wonder if anyone may actually try to prove a point and win this game.

This game could have been more effective if it made it almost impossible to complete a message by changing/varying the responses a driver needs to make.

I just hope there are better demos out there that communicate this.

In a related story, texting and driving ban in New York is about to be approved.

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