What’s good for Gangplank is good for Phoenix, me!

I’ve been talking so a lot of entrepreneurs and people who are passionate about living in the Phoenix area recently.

The reason? I been unwittingly –unceremoniously– thrown into the job market that many of you know very well.

It’s got its downsides: too many looking for too few openings, people willing to try anything/ take on any job just to put food on the table.

I hear you. I’ve actually conducted a workshop for job seekers recently. In fact I am planning a few more.

But I am hugely optimistic, because there are entrepreneurs in this city that are truly inspiring. If you haven’t heard of Green Nurture and Gangplank, you have been missing something. (I did not pick the letter G at random, believe me.)

Gangplank’s beliefs should be enough to get anyone fired up:

  • We believe that Phoenix can be a fantastic center for innovation—once committed.
  • We believe that web professionals should focus on collaboration over competition, and that ideas should be shared freely.
  • We believe that small businesses, micro-businesses, and freelancers, bridged together in common cause, will be the core of this revolution in Phoenix.

So when people ask me if I am interested in looking outside the Valley, I say no. It’s bleak, it’s hot, and depending on what day you pick up the newspaper, it could be disappointing. I’m just not buying the doom and gloom.

I’m still at the Decision Theater, but am actively looking for a great new opportunity out here.

Give me a call at 602.750.3476.

I’ve got some ideas that could  redefine what it means to be the hottest state.

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