Quotes for the week ending 4 July, 2009

“Hire those who lean forward, who are curious and interested, who listen before they answer, who love learning.”

Valeria Maltoni, in a Twinterview with Jason Baer

“The marketing industry’s idea of a two-way communication is to put an 800 number or a web address in an ad and take orders.”

Josh Bernoff, Groundwell

“All those are my screwups”

Chris Anderson, on being accused of plagiarism in his new book, Free: The Future of a Radical Price

“Venus played as if she had someplace to go and she was in a major league hurry to get a great dinner.”

Serena Williams’ father on watching his daughter in the semi-finals.

“… the menus on the Kindle DX need to be made so blind students can use them,”

Chris Danielson, director of public relations at the National Foundation of the Blind, commenting on the story that a blind student at Arizona State University filed a complaint against ASU to avoid the use of the reading device until the menus are accessible to blind students.

“The work we’ve done with Jack and Twitter is a good example of the way we can work with Silicon Valley companies.”

Jared Cohen, State Department’s policy planning staffer, on taking Silicon Valley companies such as Google, Twitter and other startups to talk to government officials, business people, and students in Iraq

“ambient awareness”

Clive Thompson, on what Twitter is good at creating; quoted by Steven Johnson in a TIME, about how Twitter cwill change the way we live.

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