Can social media help you land a job?

The short answer to that question is: we’ll never know unless we try.

In February year, we were told we’d have to take unpaid Furlough. Unemployment was at 6.9% and climbing (today it is at 8.5%) Some 115,000 workers in Arizona had lost jobs in the past 45 days or so. In this context a pay cut didn’t seem so bad. I had an idea that many of us communicators here in the Phoenix area, who were employed, might be able to give a bit of our time to help those who were desperately seeking work.  My working title for a proposal I began circulating was JobCamp. Interestingly, of the half-dozen people who stepped forward, two senior communicators who said they would help, were also out of jobs.

The basis of my idea was that resumes are not enough. They are not exactly obsolete but need to be reworked in the context of how resumes are searched, how someone’s online reputation can be nurtured, and how best position oneself with current, forward-looking skills. And so it gave rise to:

  • WORKSHOPS NEXT MONTH. We plan to hold a few workshops based on a lot of feedback, requests and ideas I have been getting. Details and registration will be announced shortly
  • WORKSHOP NEXT WEEK: Somewhat related to this is a 2-hour workshop I am conducting for the Scottsdale Job Network. It’s a hands-on session on blogging, and how you might use a social media tool like this to enhance your job search.  Monday 27 April from 6 – 8 PM. I recommend you register here.

On the same page: I just stumbled upon LaidOffCamp, started by someone called Chris Hutchins. It’s a terrific idea, organized (just like Podcamp in an open source format) via a Wiki. The purpose is to help unemployed people network, share ideas and help them get back to work.

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