Quotes for the week ending

“I hate Earth Day the same way I hate Christmas and Thanksgiving … Should we only seek peace on Earth and be thankful one day a year?”

Justine Burt, on the ReGeneration blog

“Enough already. The Oprah and Ashton-i-zation of Twitter is good, if you believe, as I know many of you do, that the more universal Twitter becomes…”

Catherine P. Taylor, on how we are all guilty of being on a constant hunt for cool, but it’s all good.

“This abuse of trust, rather than the activity on Facebook, led to the ending of the work contract.”

Nationale Swisse, an employer who fired a woman who was on Facebook, after calling in sick to say she could not be working in front of a computer. The woman was supposedly on Facebook in bed, using her iPhone.

“conversation shouldn’t be a blind ambition with social media, but rather an end that you seek strategically.”

Rohit Bhargava, on why there are many valid business situations where a conversation via social media are not needed.

“Online media’s ‘favorite child status’ … appears to have diminished over the last few months.”

Nielsen’s Global Online Media Landscape report, 2009

“The world has changed. It is no longer round, nor flat. It is Twitter-bird shaped and people are talking about you, your products and services.”

Wayne Kurtzman, in Media Bullseye

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