An offensive video nails it

OK, bad pun. You’ll know when you watch this. But have to admit I have never laughed so hard at an offensive video. Usually, I have to do the ‘what were they thinking’ thing. Many come to mind, but the GoDaddy ads were the icing on the cake.

It’s not just Alanis Morissette who’s brilliant. It’s the guy next to her. He’s so good, to the point of distracting from the real message, I had to watch it again. And pay attention, right to the end.

The video is for Earth Hour. on Sat March 28th. (Last year on Earth Day, some of you may recall how Google went ‘dark.’) Many organizations are getting creative in how they participate. The Coke sign at Picadilly Circus will be switched off. HSBC will be doing so as well. IKEA will let customers shop by candlelight.

Just kidding. But they will turn off their air conditioning.

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