John McCain’s tweets tips the scales

How does one keep up with two McCains on Twitter? Actually there are three (The first is his old account, the second is his senator handle, the third McCain is his daughter)

Being from his state, I have been following the senator from Arizona for while, but this week he sort of starting moving at the speed of @GStephanopoulos –that’s George Stephanopolous, for anyone who’s not been smitten by the media folk who have taken to Twitter like their ancestors took to typewriters. Some eight tweets in an hour today.

Actually it was a ‘twinterview’ that George had set up in advance. It began with @SenJohnMcCain apologizing ” hi george im a little slow” but it picked up with exchanges about TARP, AIG bailout, daughter @McCainBlogette‘s spat with Ann Coulter.

There has been lots of talk about how late McCain is to the party, and how had he used it better during the campaign, he would have been the tech president. (Sobering thought: He has 100,000 more followers than Stephanopoulos, but nearly 200,000 less than Obama.) But that’s all water under the bridge.

What”s significant is how he’s adopted something that is quite challenging even for people who are great with email (and he doesn’t use email he told us). It’s going to definitely shake things up for many others in government. Especially, as Dan Nowiki notes in a piece today in The Arizona Republic, that McCain’s tweets are now in his own voice.

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