Buzz ideas re-ignited

If you had been following the spike in attention given to the concept of buzz about five years back, you may have come across the name Emanuel Rosen. He came out with an amazing book, The Anatomy of Buzz that peeled back the layers of buzz –the nodes, connectors, clusters and triggers– that propels something into popularity.

So it came as a great surprise when I received an email from Rosen a few days back asking me if I was interested in reading his updated book. How did he find me, or know I was a big promoter of the book? Apparently I had referred to it in an article at that time –a Google search solved the mystery.

Before I sent him my address I called him –to make sure I was not responding to some phishing scam!– and he gave me the background to why the book needed to be ‘revisited’ (rather than updated). Two seconds into the conversation it struck me. This was before the iPhone, before YouTube, before a lot of things that have inbuilt wiring for buzz. We almost take buzz for granted. Buzzworthiness is almost a hidden design feature. No wonder this concept needed to be looked at once again.

More about the book, in a  few days.

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