Phoenix media’s warm glow. It must be the sun!

For every three bad news stories you hear about traditional media, there  is one good news story.

Guess what, I have three!

Cenpho TV – CenPho, which stands for Central Phoenix (at is a media site that features video stories about events in downtown Phoenix. Featuring Dave Brookhouser and Jacqui Johnson, they are carving out a media format that has not been tried this way with so much social media elements.  Traditionally cities and entertainment venues go only so far in publishing their fare, with eNewsletters etc.  CenPho uses  Twitter, posts videos to YouTube etc.

Tech News Arizona – an online news portal, TechNewsArizona focuses on another niche that is often covered badly here in a state. Ariziaona likes to think of itself as a technology business haven, so this is an admirable attempt by my friend Ty Young to fill the slot. This slot –science and technology– they believe could be the engine of the our future.

Arizona Guardian. This is a business idea begun by former staffers of the Tribune. It’s at As my friend and co-blogger Len Gutman describes it, it covers politics and the Capitol from all sides — “Right, left and no holds barred.” By the way, it’s also got a great blog!

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