Quotes for the week ending 17 Jan, 2009

“Steve Jobs a ‘national treasure”

BBC, on the news that Jobs is taking an leave of absence for health reasons.

“We hav 2 prtct R ctzens 2, only way fwd through neogtiations, & left Gaza in 05. y Hamas launch missiles not peace?”

Tweet used by Israel government during press conference

“The blogosphere and new media are another war zone.”

Maj. Avital Leibovich, the head of the Israeli Defense Forces’ foreign press branch.

“Sea of Culture,” Gulf of YouTube,” Bay of Angst”

Areas named on a new map of the world.

“I am not ready to leave journalism; journalism is leaving me”

Former Tribune journalist, Dennis Welch, on starting up a blogger-meets-mainstream journalism site, Arizona Guardian.com, that will fill the gaps in how news is reported,covering more of the ‘why’ not the ‘what’ in news.

“The rebooting of our democracy has begun.”

Andrew Rasiej, founder of Personal Democracy Forum and the TechPresident blog.

“I just watched a plane crash into the hudson rive in manhattan”

Someone Tweeting on Thursday.

“There are people standing on the wings as the plane sits half submerged in the hudson”

His follow up a few seconds later

“True confession but I’m in one of those towns where I scratch my head and say ‘I would die if I had to live here!'”

James Andrews, VP of Ketchum, who tweeted when he got off a plane in Memphis for a presentation. The client he was pitching to, wasn’t absolutely positively happy.

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