Starbucks-meets-Obama-meets-Digg: crowdsourcing democracy

The president elect is taking a leaf off the social media marketing book to gather ideas from citizens.

StarbucksMyStarbucksIdea has been around for several months, basically asking people to “Help shape the future of Starbucks.”

Now the Obama people have launched the Citizen’s Briefing Book –part of To contribute to the ‘book’ that will be printed using the best ideas and given to Obama, you have to sign in with your full name, email address and zip code.

People are sending up their ideas in droves. More than 9,500 on the Economy, and about half that on Energy and Environment, and a little less than that on Education. Ideas could be voted up or down, like Digg. Gives you –him– and the country a sense of the hot-button issues.

This kind of governance will radically change opinion polls, focus groups and political consultancy forever. And it’s only just begun

2 thoughts on “Starbucks-meets-Obama-meets-Digg: crowdsourcing democracy

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