Will slim newspapers survive? Yes, No and Maybe!

My local newspaper, The Arizona Republic,  has slimmed down so much it’s a ghost of what it used to be. I adamantly continue my subscription since I like the idea of getting my news both ways –in analog and digital formats.

Sure, I have my RSS feeds –to save time visiting all other sources I trust– but I wouldn’t let that replace my magazines and how I relate to information off  the printed page. Yesterday, as the story broke about the US Airways crash landing on the Hudson in  NY, new, new journalism sprung to action. I followed the incident on Twitter and Flickr –not CNN– even though the story was available in our lobby just a minute away from me. But that does not make the old model completely irrelevant. The Tweets provided real-time coverage, but not enough background. For that, we had to wait for reports like this and this.

Kathleen Parker, syndicated journalist for the Washington Post Group, had an interesting observation last week about the relationship between Big Media and Social Media.

“What, meanwhile would Twitterers and bloggers tweet and blog about if news organizations no longer provided the meat on which most chew?”

What, indeed! (Her column in my paper got me started.)

We could all have different opinions of this. But before you take a side, here’s something to ‘chew’ on. Parker’s column, carried in many newspapers across the country, got printed under some interesting headlines.

WashingtonPost.com used “Mainstream media on life support”

The Arizona Republic used: “Big Media still kicking”

The Topeka-Capitol Journal used: “Journalism will survive media’s evolution”

The News Tribune used: “Death of manistream media greatly overstated”

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