Employee blog becomes safe harbor

Great story at Ragan.com about an employee of a law firm starting a blog, Heller Highwater, to support other staff members as his company disbands and leaves them at (pardon the pun) sea.

The author (going by the name Heller Drone) puts it this way, keeping with the highwater metaphor:

“We don’t need to be rescued – we just need to be given the proper tools to get to shore on our own.  And those tools are that to which we are entitled and should expect to receive from the management of a once world-class law firm.”

The blog was set up as “a support site for the professional support staff of a global law firm in turmoil” and notes how what he is doing is “a reminder of … how a lack of preparation, forward-thinking, open communication and honesty led to the downfall of a workplace one could be proud of.”

Where have we heard this before? The lack of open communication leading to a crash.

What I like most is the policy they wish to uphold, that says the blog will not tolerate badmouthing or be a place for diatribes. It is after all a safe harbor.

Great job, Drone!

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