At Digital Learning Day 2016 – Chris Cardinal on Creativity and Online Safety

Chris Cardinal, co-founder of software development shop in Tempe, Arizona spoke to our 5th graders today about Apps – more specifically about how to convert a good idea into a productive (or profitable) application.

He showed us the progression from back-of-a-napkin sketch, to a wire-frame, to what the software looks like. He also drove home the point that one needs to get into this as early as possible. Chris broke into software by figuring out how to write HTML. Today, things are not so complicated, he said, because there are plenty of places to learn how to program, and design apps.

Speaking of design, he pointed out how ‘designers’ are often young kids with creativity problem-solving skills. “Look at how things work, and figure out how you could make it better, or solve some problem,” he urged.


We also asked him questions about safe digital practices, and he urged students to be aware of the dangers of sharing pictures and personal information online. Just because the website or software asks for it, there’s no reason to provide that information, he said.



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