Instagram ain’t for everyone, but sadly it’s a mass medium

I’ve been extremely sceptical about Instagram, and not just because of who own’s it, but because of what a pathetic wasteland it was becoming. That was more than a year ago.

This was soon after lawyers were also going after Instagrammers with intellectual property lawsuits (Janet Jackson’s legal issues, for instance). And it was about the time when a bulk of preteens and teenagers began to adopt it as their social bragging network, populated by selfies.

But then I discovered the real Instagammers, those passionate photographers with an eye for detail, who didn’t really need the canned filters that come with the app. People like my niece, Melissa Bocks, for instance who captures the most amazing moments in and around London. When you follow such people, you begin to feel you should not be licensed to even use your camera phone!

I believe that it’s about time Instagram separated the wheat from the chaff, before it becomes just another social network. Take a look at these pictures, and see what I mean.


















London, St. Pancras Square – by Mel Bocks


















Sugar candy vendor, Madampitiya – by Nazly Ahmed

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