Back after a break, unplugged

A few months back I suggested to a friend that some of us may be experiencing social media fatigue. Which seemed odd, because we were chatting on Facebook!

So this summer, as we set out on a road trip, I decided to consciously go on a social media diet. No tweets from the places we visited. No blog posts. Tons of photos but none sent to Facebook. To breathlessly tweet about a wonderful coffee shop by the rail tracks in San Juan Capistrano would have spoiled the moment.  (Believe me, the Hummingbird House Cafe has a Facebook page, which I have since, promoted!)

The temptation was always there (uploading video to YouTube is now about 2-clicks away) but I decided to save that for later.  The only indulgence was the occasional text messaging between friends and family. It was near impossible to not use Google on the road –text messaging a search query to 46645.

But other than that, it was a good time to stay connected, chat with people in analog mode outside churches, beaches, street corners, bazaars…

Now, however, it’s time to get back to two magazine deadlines. I just might take a different track!

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