Deeper, faster reading with FastFlip, Flipboard, Apture and NewsGlide

I like to follow up on the article ‘Surfing in magazines, while swimming in print” (Communication World magazine, Nov-Dec 2009), with some useful developments in how knowledge that exists in the print world, is being pulled into the digital stream.

What’s really neat is how it could resemble the page-turning (or page flipping) experience. Four applications fascinate me:

PageFlip: Back in 2009, Google partnered with New York Times and Businessweek and others to create PageFlip. Check it here.

NewsGlide – The Chrome app at Huffingpost. It’s not exactly a magazine experience, but it’s like a cross between Flipboard (for the iPad) and Pageflip. Check it out here!

Flipboard: This iPad app is definitely worth checking out! I wrote about it here last year.

Apture. Finally a feature to give let web browser do a deeper dive –a ‘fluid dive’ they call it — when you’re reading online.  Publishers could add Apture to web pages to let users go beyond the content.

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