Dell’s social media strategy shines –just watch this!

To “inform, sell, engage and support.” How much simpler could anyone have put it?

There are many questions that could be addressed with this answer. Such as:

  • “Why in the world should we mess with social media?”
  • “I hear Twitter is a total waste of time. Give me a few reasons why it isn’t?”

Lionel Menchaca has put up this schema that I wish I had a few days back. It’s outlines how Dell uses social media in Brand Reputation Discussions, Customer Service and Segment Discussions.

But here’s something that bears watching –and I am certain it will end well.

In a response to this post by Menchaca, a customer going by the name of Maria posts a looong comment. It’s very reminiscent but not as harsh as the infamous Dell Hell post. She goes on to state that:

I believe I have given Dell every reasonable opportunity to make this right, but I cannot afford to lose any more time and valuable productivity because of a defective product. I would like to send the computer back for a refund.

As a big fan of Digital Nomads, I’ve been watching -and dissecting –Dell’s engagement across many social media channels. I can be sure this is going to come to one more grand denouement.

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