Twinterview with Steve England

SteveEnglandStarting at 10 am today, I wil be interviewing Steve England, of NewMediaMarketing.

Steve’s got an interesing background in marketing, and I like to think of him as one of the smartest cross-over marketers in the Valley. What’s a ‘cross-over’ marketer?

I’ll let him explain when we get started.

I’ll let you into something else. I plan to get Steve to demo how easy it is to implement a Quick Response tag in your marketing. Be prepared to use your smart-phone!

Note: I will live-blog the interview here.


AF: Welcome Steve England @englandsc Glad you were able to make it. Let’s try to keep this moving fast since we’ve got a lot to discuss.

SE: Thanks for the opportunity @heyangelo

AF: @englandsc Tell us about how you got into digital marketing, having started out as a Print guy — in the ‘dead tree communications’ business

SE: englandsc I was always about technology and how I could impact consumers more effectively through communications. Print was just a pathway at the time.

SE: My degree is in Visual Communications…social and mobile fall into that channel.

SE: @englandsc Visual Communications?  Most people think of it as putting ink on paper.  You’ve moved past that. Is paper obsolete? Or…

SE: @heyangelo We can make better use of paper by integrating with newer technologies at the same time.

AF: @englandsc Tell us about NewMediaMarketing and the awesome product – Quick Response Tags. People’s eyes glaze when I mention this.

SE: @heyangelo New Media Marketing is an Integrated Marketing agency specializing in channel optimization and focused on growing Mobile opps

SE: @heyangelo Quick Response Tags “QR Codes” are the answer bringing print to life simply by taking a snapshot of them with your Mobile Camera

AF: @englandsc I will have to ask you to explain ‘Channel optimization’ with a for instance –but I have a quick question before that

AF: @englandsc Steve, is this a good example of how a tag could be used? Sans paper most of the time…

SE: @heyangelo Great example, any form of visual communications can benefit from the QR Codes with unlimited possibilities as the result.

SE: @heyangelo QR Codes allow a Marketer to deliver unlimited amounts of information to anyone through the simple SNAP-A-TAG interface

AF: @englandsc And where could someone find out more about a Snap-a-tag interface ?

SE: @heyangelo New groups form online daily in support of the tech. Feel free to follow me here for all breaking news. Also follow MicrosoftTAG

SE: @heyangelo QR Codes, TAGS will play an important role in Green Initiatives going forward through print, online and Mobile communications

AF: @englandsc Did you see today’s story about  the NFL going paperless with tickets? Have the Coyotes heard about QR tags?

NMM: RT @heyangelo @englandsc Steve, is this a good example of how a tag could be used? Sans paper most of the time…

SE: @heyangelo Most important factor when using QR Codes is the consumer experience and the message or call-to-action in the marketing piece

SE: @heyangelo successful marketing is also dependent on unified message within multiple communication channels and convenience to the consumer

AF: @englandsc Let me ask you to demo a tag. Could you point to one, and explain –stepwise –how it works?

SE: @heyangelo on your mobile device go to Http:// this will walk you thru quick one-time install so you can snap Microsoft TAGs

AF: @englandsc So it’s a download for Blackberry, iPhone or Windows  Mobile. And then?

SE: @heyangelo Once you have the app installed you can scan and activate the content behind any TAG. Also see as another version

SE: @heyangelo You can find TAG on my Twitter home, my email signature, any of my communication collateral, each results in a unique experience

AF: @englandsc I can see these QR tags on business cards, train stations and cereal boxes. Simplified, mobile pull marketing, finally!

SE: We have examples of video content, Phone numbers, Vcards, microsites, game pieces, surveys, location based maps…it’s endless.

SE: @heyangelo 80% of web-enabled phones can use some version of the QR Codes. More phones are shipped direct from the factory pre-installed.

SE: @heyangelo once you have the app, launch, activates your camera, position over any TAG, SNAP and you’re taken to unlimited possibilities.

AF: So a customer snaps a tag, using a camera, will it directly connect him/her to digital content?

SE: anywhere a user has web connectivity they’ll have access to content linked to that TAG. That content can be changed anytime.

AF: Is Beetag a competitor to Microsoft’s tag?

SE: BeeTagg has a less distinct appearence in their QR Codes than MicrosoftTAG but they result in the same type of experience.

SE: @heyangelo visit our website and discover how the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB will all be influenced by this technology, SNAP our TAG and see how.

AF: @englandsc Apart from sports, is anyone in the sustainability  space aware of the this new form of marketing?

SE: Thanks for the opportunity to share our thoughts on how we’ll all be communicating much sooner than expected. Watch for TAGS!

AF: Great chatting, Steve! I always learn so much from you. Where can someone find one of your demos?

SE: Checkout they have implementation launching. Using QR Codes is a Global inititive with our full support.

SE: Demos are updated frequently on our website. you can also follow @Newmediamarket or find us on LinkedIn for SlideShare content.

AF: I still like to have a T-shirt with a customized tag! Maybe we should wear some to @podcampaz

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