Waiting for the wave to rescue us from email hell

It borders on being insensitive to be talking about, and blogging about the anticipation for Google Wave, in the days following the tsunami in Samoa.

As someone tweeted about this, the coincidence was very odd. (Not that it is too far fetched for Google to be associated with a tsunami —check this story!)

But as we wait for Google Wave to come our way, we are reminded of how outdated our predominant communication tool is. “If you look at a picture of the first computer that sent an email, it looks sort of like a cockpit in an old airplane,” observed Lars Rasmussen, Google’s chief engineer. He was commenting on email, a 40-year old technology.

I meet many people who are so annoyed with email. One CEO said he didn’t mind if a meeting started late because “it gives me a chance to catch up with my email.” He said that not looking up from his Blackberry, at lunch.

Reminded me of that limerick:

I’m out of the office right now.

Do I hate answ’ring email? And how!

Missed your missive? I’m glad,

So I won’t say I’m sad.

Pester some other worker-bee. Ciao!

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