Discovering blogs all over again

Those of you who’ve been following this blog know that I make the point that while blogs do not solve every communication challenge (good ole face-to-face still works great) it’s become the center of gravity for a lot of what goes on in PR, marketing and media.

So I was glad to see Dave Winer, the father of blogs, invite Robert Scoble to get back to basics … and blogging.

In case you missed it, Scoble, who co-authored one of the earliest books on blogging (and wrote an early blog with a huge following) famously spoke out in favor of FriendFeed. It was all about Lifestreaming, with some concerns. But now that Friend Feed was swallowed up by Facebook, Winer suggests that it’s time to return to using the Internet for what it was designed for -to share and to store knowledge, to connect and to engage.

Doc Searls‘ comment to this is worth thinking about: In this new Eden, blogging and microbloging are native. Corporate walled gardens are just short-lived substitutes.

There’s a lesson here about the tendency to obsess with tools. For all the hype you hear about the new tools, and the ‘pay attention to Facebook’ talk, it’s what we do to connect and communicate, and yes, to ‘store knowledge’ that matters.

That’s why blogs, which some have thought to be soooo passe, are worth discovering all over again.

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