Quotes for the week ending 30 May, 2009

“He texts during dinner at restaurants and while walking down the street and twitters at red lights while driving.”

Reader at New York Times, commenting on how people who who would never be so rude as to talk on the phone at a restaurant, have different rules for using Twitter

“Britain’s mums told us where to stick the artificial ingredients. And it wasn’t in the bottle.”

Ad for Sunny Delight, running in Britain’s newspapers, as recointed by Jonah Bloom of AdAge, who suggests marketers need to apologize first. To which one reader responded:

“The first financial institution that apologizes will be apologizing for an entire industry for years of greedy pay packages, excessive “innovation”, disregard of risk, tricky offers & excessive political lobbying. Their customers will likely not be so forgiving as the Brits when they chuckle about Marks & Sparks reducing the price of big bras.”

Advertising Age

“It’s hard to understand how Cheney and Kyl could make statements like this with a straight face…”

Steven R Corman, at ASU’s Hugh Downs School of Communication, commenting on the former vice president and the senator from Arizona’s dismissal of Guantanamo prison being a strategic communication tool for Al Qaeda

“We used to call people who embraced this sort of behavior workaholics. Now we call them crackberries.”

Jim Shea, on how Boomers make way  for ‘weisure’ time –fitting fun around work, rather than the other way around.

“…it most definitely wasn’t named for Bing Crosby.”

Fast Company, on Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing, that is positioned as a ‘decision engine’

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