Alice Cooper rocks graduates -still!

“Why is Alice Cooper alive?” was one of the comments on Twitter at 6.15 Pm.

The short answer to it is: he eats a lot of red vines. (He happily took some off our desk.)

It was moments after the 61-year old took to the stage –probably tweeted while this was on stage. When you think about it, you wonder, what is this brand doing on stage in this day, at this time. Also he’s the lead act before another brand, Barack Obama who will be here in a few moments.

The funny thing is, not all brands who need to stay relevant need to join the Twitterrati, as we have. I actually asked Alice Cooper this question a little while ago when I got to interview him. His response: I don’t need to do this stuff, I tell my band when they are in Paris to get out and see the real Eiffel tower, rather than look at it online.”

For anyone juggling between old media and new media, this is a sobering thought.

Don’t you think?

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