What if there were no reporters (to cover the swine flu)?

So we all take news for granted. We get annoyed when a story is hyped, we get upset when it is ignored. We complain that it is one-sided, we write angry emails to the editor when the news is opinionated.

But what if –just what if– an editor had to cover a big story, and there was no reporter left (due to a downsized staff) to cover it?

This anecdote, a long piece, is definitely worth a read whether you are on the production of consumption of news. Here’s a glimpse:

Editor-in-chief: Timmy! It’s Bowes down at the Clarion, we need you to do a story for us.

Flannagan: (Moans)

Editor-in-Chief: What’s up? You don’t sound good.

Flannagan: I think I got the Swine Flu

Editor-in-chief: Sheesh, you should go see a doctor.

Flannagan: Freelance. No insurance.

Thanks to Kerry Fehr for the link.

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