The Oprah effect on Twitter doesn’t bother me

Now that Oprah has put her stamp on microblogging, does that mean we’re going to be drowned by too much interest in branding and celebrity and too little attention to innovation and communication?

As the niche medium begins to gain mass medium status, a lot will change. The downside to all this could be the wrong kind of interest in quantity over quality. Oprah has 75,000 followers when she had founder Evan Williams on her show. As of today she has 453,000 (an increase of 61,000 since yesterday).¬† Yet, it’s those small communities that will thrive.

Todd Defren said it best: “It’s OKAY if “everyone joins Twitter.” You still only need follow your friends & allies. No one’s gonna *make* you follow @Oprah”

Twitter’s value to me is in how it can be an antenna not a loudspeaker. A filter, not a vacuum cleaner for every dust bunny that floats by.

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